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Board of Directors

WDDA, an initiative of the National Glass Association, is governed by a highly engaged board of directors representing the entire glazing and glass building product supply chain. The board consists of 13 voting members who guide the association’s core purpose, goals and vision.

Meet the NGA 2018-2019 Board of Directors:


Chris Bole

Chris Bole

Cathie Saroka

Cathie Saroka

Doug Schilling

Doug Schilling

Angelo Rivera

Angelo Rivera

Immediate Past Chair
Rick Locke

Rick Locke

Mark Twente

Mark Twente

Guy Selinske

Guy Selinske

Brian Hale

Brian Hale

Tim Kelley

Tim Kelley

Nicole Harris

Nicole Harris

President & CEO

Past Board Chairs

2018-19: Angelo Rivera

2017-18:  Ken Mariotti

2015-17:  Michael Albert

2014-15:  Bryan Bush

2013-14:  Robert Brown

2012-13:  Bill Evans

2011-12:  Chris Mammen

2010-11:  Steven R. Burnett

2009-10:  Kevin McMahon

2008-09:  Stephen Mort

2007-08:  Rodney Van Buskirk

2006-07:  Wesley Topping Jr.

2005-06:  Thomas D. Lee III

2004-05:  John Heinaman

2003-04:  Chris Tate

2002-03:  Richard M. Bakke

2001-02:  Tom Higginbottom

2000-01:  Robert Hartong

1999-00:  Neil Smith

1998-99:  Donald Day

1997-98:  Jack Nix

1996-97:  Ron Clawson

1995-96:  Roy Van Buskirk

1994-95:  Gary Haider

1993-94:  Stan Chitoff

1992-93:  Georgina Alexander

1991-92:  Jerry Wright

1990-91:  John Whitlatch

1989-90:  Robert Dyer

1988-89:  James Ponder

1987-88:  William Lewis

1986-87:  Ray Tate

1985-86:  Jack Morris

1984-85:  William Copeland

1983-84:  Donald Goldfus

1982-83:  Donn Harter

1981-82:  George Fleet

1980-81:  Donald Schneiders

1978-80:  Herman Helfer

1976-78:  Jack Farber

1974-76:  Mark Hardin

1972-74:  Roy Lowe

1970-72:  Stanley Aronoff

1968-70:  Morton Frankel

1966-68:  Jack Newman

1964-66:  Jerome Huber

1962-64:  Charles Burhans

1959-62:  Joseph Schmidt

1957-59:  A. Racine

1955-57:  Hank Siesel

1954-55:  H. A. Johnson

1952-54:  Merle Myers

1951-52:  Henry Grawey

1949-50:  J. Eisenach

1948-49:  H. Wingler

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